London Taxis

What makes our London Taxis so good

The London Taxi vehicle is the only purpose-built taxi vehicle in the world today. They are built at the original London Taxi Company factory in Coventry, England. They aren’t standard passenger cars that have been adapted, they are purpose built for the job.

Over the last 100 years (yes that far back) the London taxi has been refining what works for passengers and drivers. Our current taxi is the pinnacle of well researched taxi experience.

  • Sturdy Perspex screen between driver in front and passengers in the rear. Safer for both drivers and passengers
  • We carry more luggage than a standard taxi
  • We carry 5 passengers for the price of 4
  • We have better accessibility for disabled passengers
  • All our taxis are brand new
  • You get a better view
  • Dedicated passenger USB charging points
  • Dedicated passenger air-conditioning controls
  • We are the same price as a normal taxi
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London Taxis

Booking a London Taxi

We are like any other taxi. You can hail us in the street (as long as our yellow light is on), we respond to waving hands, salutes, whistles, and any manner of hailing preferences!

If you would like to book, or pre-book a London Taxi then head over to our booking app, Rydo, to download it and book away.

You can order a taxi there for right now or for up to a week away. Find out more about Rydo.

Taxi Tip: You can jump in any car at a taxi rank, you don’t have to take the one at the front!

  • Hail us in the street
  • Jump in at a taxi rank
  • Book us immediately with Rydo
  • Pre-book with Rydo

Download Rydo today!

London Taxis

Would you like to drive a London Taxi?

Our passengers love the London Taxis and so do our drivers. Would you like to become part of our community?

We are on the lookout for drivers who would love to become part of our story. We have drivers from all walks of life, some have switched from ride-share, others are professional drivers and some have had a complete career change.

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If you would like to be contacted immediately about joining our team fill in the form below and we will get back to you quick smart!