London Taxis

How to take a trip
in one of our taxis

How to take a trip
in one of our taxis

Getting to where you want to go with a London Taxi is easy. You can hail us in the street just like any other taxi – just make sure our light is on (that means we are free).

If you are off to the airport next week you can pre-book us using the Rydo app. Or if you are looking for a London Taxi right now, you can book us using the Rydo App.

Please remember at peak times it may be difficult to get a taxi!

The only way to get London Taxi is to hail us, pick one up at a taxi rank, or book us through Rydo.

  • Hail us in the street
  • Jump in at a taxi rank
  • Book us immediately with Rydo
  • Pre-book with Rydo

Booking or pre-booking a London Taxi is easy

Rydo works like any other app except it is connected to a taxi network. You will always have a professional driver, and you can book for now or pre-book for a later date.
  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 1

    Type in where you would like to go, the address will auto populate.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 2

    Select the London Taxi option.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 3

    Decide whether to pay the driver directly, or pay with your stored credit card.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 4

    Select “More options” to customise your trip. Choose pick up time, number of passengers and luggage.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 5

    Hit “Book a Taxi” and we will find a driver and get you on your way.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 6

    Once your journey has completed you will receive a tax invoice and you can also rate your driver.

Download Rydo today!

The great features of our taxis

Our taxis are purpose built, that means they are built specifically to serve as taxis. The design and the functionality has been refined over many years to ensure that both the drivers and the passengers have a great experience.

Read about all the features a London Taxi has to offer.  About our taxis

  • The taxis are very safe
  • Both driver and passengers have personal space
  • 24 hour security camera
  • Numerous accessibility aids
  • We can easily seat 5 passengers
  • Plenty of room for luggage
  • We cost the same as a normal cab
  • You can pay by cash or credit card
London Taxis

Yes, you can book us for special events!

You can book our London Taxis for weddings, corporate events, and all manner of occasions.

Our London Taxis have delivered brides and grooms to their wedding and provided personal drivers for all manner of special occasions.

If you would like to book a London Taxi for your wedding or special event, send us a message. Contact us