London Taxis

Our partnership
with Rydo

All about Rydo - Australia’s taxi app

Rydo is Australia’s taxi app that connects you with over 15,000 drivers. We loved the app so much we partnered with Rydo and it is the only way you can book or pre-book a London Taxi!

There may be time when you want another type of taxi and Rydo gives you the option to book a normal taxi, a maxi taxi, or a hire car. You can use it across Australia and you have to option to pay in app, or pay the driver direct.

Download Rydo today!

Booking or pre-booking a London Taxi is easy

Rydo works like any other app except it is connected to a taxi network. You will always have a professional driver, and you can book for now or pre-book for a later date.
  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 1

    Type in where you would like to go, the address will auto populate.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 2

    Select the London Taxi option.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 3

    Decide whether to pay the driver directly, or pay with your stored credit card.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 4

    Select “More options” to customise your trip. Choose pick up time, number of passengers and luggage.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 5

    Hit “Book a Taxi” and we will find a driver and get you on your way.

  • Book a Taxi with Rydo

    Step 6

    Once your journey has completed you will receive a tax invoice and you can also rate your driver.

Booking options

Rydo gives you plenty of options for booking a taxi. You can book one of London Taxis, a standard taxi, a maxi taxi, or a hire car.

You can make an immediate booking, or pre book a ride when you are off to the airport or for that important meeting next week.

You can let your driver know how many passengers you have, if you have luggage and any other special requests you may have.

If you pay in app a receipt of your trip will be emailed to you.

London Taxis and Rydo look forward to having you as a passenger soon.

Download Rydo today!