London Taxis

What makes our
London Taxi different?

We have been around for a long time

The first London Taxi iterations used horses as their power source, thankfully we have come a long way since then and the streets are cleaner!

Over 100 years of providing services to passengers saw the introduction of a number of different configurations with the classic Austin FX3 in 1947 and the iconic FX4 in 1958.

Our taxi model, the TX4, is the pinnacle of all the collected knowledge of what it takes to provide a great experience for passengers and drivers, and is the model on the streets of London today.

It’s also common in other UK cities such as Oxford, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Belfast. You’ll also find them in Dublin, and further afield locations such as Australia and Azerbaijan

London Taxis

Everything we do is aimed at a great experience

Taking a trip in a London Taxi is an experience, it is not just a mode of transport. Anyone who has ever travelled to London remembers a trip in a London Taxi.

The drivers are knowledgeable and engaging, the taxis are roomy, and provide a premium experience. Everyone feels special in a London Taxi.

Our cars and drivers and your comfort all combine to create a taxi experience that is second to none.

London taxis deliver a better experience.

London Taxis

Design is at the heart of our taxis

The London Taxi is a beautiful, sleek and instantly recognisable design that ensures customers always know that our taxis are a London Taxi, day or night.

Our taxis are purpose built to provide the best taxi experience possible, they are not converted sedans, private cars, or vans. Our driving position provides enhanced visibility for drivers, giving them greater confidence and a better view of what is going on around them.

The distinctive silhouette and profile places passengers higher on the road than other sedans proving better visibility and more open and enjoyable experience.

London Taxis are purpose designed.

London Taxis
London Taxis

Our London Taxis are safe

Our designs provide both the drivers and the passengers with private and safe environments.

Passengers sit in the roomy rear section of the taxi, and the driver sits in the front with the luggage, with both separated by a security screen, but with a two-way intercom so you can still have a chat!

Our taxis run 24-hour security cameras and our lighting is not just in one area, we provide floor, roof and door lighting to ensure you can safely enter and exit our taxi.

London Taxis make you feel safe and secure.


Our London Taxis have many built in features to make it easier for passengers who are vision, hearing or mobility impaired.

Please note at this stage London Taxis are considered not suitable for passengers who need to be transported whilst seated in their wheelchair.

All passengers should be able to stand and transfer themselves into the taxi by using the accessibility features and with limited assistance from the drivers.

Passengers with limited mobility can use the swivel seat. Please note:

  • Passengers will need to be able to stand to access the swivel seat.
  • Swivel seat height is approximately 78cm from ground level.
  • The swivel seat does not have arm supports and has limited back support.
  • The swivel seat rotates to transfer you into the cabin and locks into place during the journey.
  • The swivel seat is on the left side of the London Taxi in Australia.

For passengers who can step into the London Taxi but require a lesser height they can utilise the immediate step which provide an extra step that will lower the first height step.

Your driver will assist you in employing the immediate step and the swivel seat.

Our taxis also feature well positioned, easily identifiable, yellow grab handles to ensure you are supported and can safely transfer in and out of the taxi.

For passengers with hearing impairment we feature a Hearing Aid Induction Loop System that assists in communication between the driver and passengers who have hearing aids.

Any walking aids can be safely and securely stowed in the luggage compartment with the driver.

London Taxis are more accessible.